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I like to have a very concentrated portfolio with 12 - 15 stocks and I invest in US and Indian market . This gives me a variety of stocks to pick and it keeps the portfolio diversified at the same time. I usually keep a 65 - 35 balance between Indian and US market. Currently I own 10 Indian stocks and 2 US stocks. There's also a watchlist with 6 Indian stocks.

The stocks you see in this service are in my portfolio and this keeps our interests aligned and I will make sure to achieve the highest returns possible.

Please keep in mind that this is an information service and not an advisory service and I am not a SEBI registered adviser.

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Dr Sagar RV
Dr Sagar RV

An individual who prides himself in understanding what a customer really wants and deliver a service that is a second to none. As a multi-cultural polyglot and natural entrepreneur, my mission is to help deliver an experience that leaves one coming back for more.

Trained as a doctor and established as an investor , I started managing funds for several clients as soon I finished my studies in 2017. I had an Indian youtube channel with more than 160 000 subscribers on my Youtube channel and more than 7 million views but I guess you are here because of my US channel, which I started to demystify the complex investing jargon and help people build their own portfolios.

Email : [email protected]

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How does the monthly membership work ?
You get charged every 30 days approximately . So , for example , if you join on February 13 , the next payment will be on March 13 . As this is a subscription service , the next payment will be done automatically and you don´t have to do anything unless you decide to cancel the service .
How can I cancel my monthly membership ?
Please follow the steps given below : Start by clicking the profile button in the home page ( top right circle with your photo or emoji ) -- click manage subscriptions -- this will show you all the subscriptions you have and you will see the cancel button at the right end of the screen . Once you click the cancel button, your subscription will be cancelled immediately. Feel free to email us for any questions : [email protected]
Will you solve my doubts ?
You have the ability to comment under each post and you will get a response within 24 hours .
How do I get to know about each transaction ?
Whenever I buy something, you will receive an email from my side the same day . Once you log in, you will be able to see my buying price and rationale.

I had initially joined the service to check the companies you have and quit soon after. Although, I have found myself continuing further. The descriptions are very detailed and provide a good insight into the business presented. I have been studying stocks for over a year and a lot of my knowledge into understanding stocks has come from your youtube videos and portfolio service. The detailed study provides a good perspective on how to do a fundamental analysis of companies. Thank you very much for sharing the information.

- Vivek

Sagar is really honest and transparent about his holding and he explains the rationale behind it. He really knows how to explain complicated concepts in a very easy manner and he was kind enough to answer all of my questions.

- Anjali

I like the fact that Sagar is extremely professional in the way that he deals with his service. He takes special efforts to provide extra notes in his service portfolio which I think equips us to take a more sound decision on our own if to invest or not. One thing that I really like about Sagar that differentiates him from the other investors is that he is very picky with his companies and I like that. I hope to learn this aspect from him and to be patient to sit on cash to deploy at the right moment.

- Akshay

I really like this portfolio service because of two major facts i.e. quality of the information he gives regarding stocks, and fact that he maintains this as a pure Portfolio service No "fake" Recommendations. Keep doing your great work.

- Abhishek

Excellent content and good customer service. It's also good to see how Sagar has evolved. When I joined in 2020, the portfolio had several cyclical stocks but eventually he shifted towards very high quality names and the returns improved significantly.

- Vishal